Brew-Date: brewing beer with friends

Just hanging out with friends is nice. Doing great things together is even better. A really great thing, for example, is to brew beer together. We explain how the Brautag becomes perfect with friends.

Party with a barbecue… it’s raining forever? Feel like a field trip – but nobody has reserved something? Yes, free time is sometimes like this: totally stressful.

Alternative: One could also brew with the friends together. Fun and decelerated. And it comes out of something – namely beer, for the next meeting in four weeks. Of course, brewing is not something you can spontaneously decide and start, a good bridal day wants to be well prepared.

Recipe and raw materials

It’s best to plan ahead. On a meeting in advance: sit down for three coffees or a couple of beers, and think about what kind of beer you want to brew together. Everything is possible, of course.

Good recipes can be found relatively easily on the most relevant hobby website. Otherwise in books about brewing and beer – great selection here too! Once a recipe is found, the ingredients must be purchased. However, the nearest supermarket will not help us here. The hobby brewer can easily order his raw materials online – there are countless good mail-order shops that specialize in beer brewing. Often it is even possible to order a very precise amount of ingredients so that no leftovers remain and have to be stored somewhere.

And one more important thing: obtain a brewing guide that offers a great overview, is well structured and understandable.

Brewing Utensils

Okay, so they are coming next Saturday, it’s Brew Day! What do you need? Everything? Go on, get it: for a smooth and relaxed brew, a large kitchen table, a stove top, a 25-30 liter saucepan and a lauter plate would be good. Towels, a large knife, a long wooden spoon and small pots to weigh the malt or to boil the utensils are mostly available in every kitchen. Measuring cup, sieve, ladle and scale must also be part of the party. Thermometer for liquids is super important to make your beer succeed. And you need a big vat for decanting or fermenting your beer. If you like to plan in advance, you can get hold of some bottles or slowly collect empty bottles while the beer is create.

The Brew Day

Check again that you have all the ingredients and your brewing equipment completely together. Start on your brew day in the morning – especially at the beginning of unforeseen situations occur more frequently, and for once, free time and therefore brewing beer with friends should not be stressful. In fact, beer brewing with frends always takes almost a full day.

See that your kitchen is tidy and clean. Make enough room and check that your appliances and pots are clean. Provide your recipe and calculate in advance exactly how much malt, hops, water, etc. you need.

Let’s go? After malt and water in the kettle came together and slowly heat up – treat yourself and friend with a beer. When the starch is released after a good hour, the laughter starts – good time for a beer. The seasoning boils, first hopping… Ready and Whilpool? Beer! Laugh! Beer! Laugh.

The finished beer

At the end of the day of the beer, unfortunately, there is not the finished beer, but a brew, which now has to ferment and store well. Basically, he can do that everywhere. Well, he can do it in dark, rather cool places with constant temperature. Plastic buckets are OK but not nice, glass balloons are stylish, stainless steel tanks are great.

And then, after four weeks – meet again. For the festive tasting. And? And? And? Ok: If the very first self-brewed is not immediately a taste highlight, do not worry, it gets better with every brew and after all, the most important thing is to spend a fun time together with favorite people on the weekend. Because that’s what it’s all about: beer, friends, fun. Very much for the sake of you!

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