Aroma Hops: Ella

March 23, 2019 homebrewingadmin 0

Ella™ hops, formally known as Stella, is an Australian aroma variety. It is half-sister to Galaxy® and the progeny of Spalt and a tetraploid female and was developed in […]

Hop Varieties: Dunav

February 23, 2019 homebrewingadmin 4

Dunav Originating in the former Yugoslavia, Dunav was bred in the 1960’s with the intent of replacing the low-yielding Backa. However, it has never truly been […]

Hop Varieties – Admiral.

November 7, 2018 homebrewingadmin 0

Admiral is an excellent mid-season hops variety derived from grandparent Challenger and likely parent, Northdown. Its exact lineage is unclear. Hailing from Wye College, England it was released […]

Malt Extract Brewing

September 4, 2018 homebrewingadmin 0

The large majority of the homebrewing community has experimented with extract and partial mash brewing at one point or another because of its accessibility. The […]