The Most Famous Ingredient of Beer

All about the healing properties of hops and the impact on our body.

When we mention hops, we usually think of one of the main ingredients of beer. However, hops are a very medicinal and healthy plant that has numerous benefits on our body.
Hops (lat. Humulus lupulus) is a perennial wild plant from the family Cannabaceae. It is also popularly known by the following names: blust hops, kudilice, kuk, kuke, melika, melj, meljevina, miljevina. It has been grown since the 8th century, and the first records of hops come from the Arab physician Mesu from the 7th century AD. who recommended hop syrup to cleanse the blood.
Although in our country and in other countries hops are grown mainly for the needs of brewers, this plant has a long history as a natural remedy in folk medicine, and is also used in cooking. One hop plant can develop over 3,000 cones, and the hop fruit is a nut. Male plants are not desirable in the orchard, because fertilization of female flowers reduces their technological value. Dried finger-sized cones are used for the production of beer and medicines.

Healing properties of hops and its impact on healt;

Hops have been used as a homeopathic remedy for many years, and its use has proven to be the most effective in treating insomnia, menstrual problems and digestive problems. As a remedy against insomnia, hop tea is used, which is excellent against mental restlessness and fear. It is interesting that pillows filled with hops provide good sleep and help against insomnia. Due to this feature, in some countries, pillows and mattresses are filled with hops in hospitals for nervous diseases.
Effective in menstrual problems in women;

Hops also contain a high percentage of hormones very similar to estrogen, so it is useful for women. Hops tea is good to drink during menstruation because it has a calming effect, relieves painful stomach cramps and reduces the heat waves that many women have during perimenopause.
For good appetite, digestion and against digestive problems;
It is generally known that the hop plant very successfully opens the appetite and causes a pleasant need for food. It contains bitter substances and therefore stimulates digestion. Hops have a very long history of use to treat many digestive problems such as diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome all the way to bloating and gas. If you combine hops with mint, you will get a very effective medicine and you will permanently improve digestion.
Kidney stones;
If you have had kidney stones so far that can cause very severe pain, you may want to consider taking hop-based supplements. Kidney stones are caused by an excess of calcium in the body, and hops lower the calcium level and thus have a preventive effect on the formation of stones.
An excellent antioxidant;
Hops contain a large amount of antioxidants, which are the strongest fighters against free radicals, which are the main causes of the symptoms of aging and the development of cancerous diseases.
In addition, hops can help with problems of dry and cracked skin, circulation, hot flashes, and it also has an antispasmodic effect, so it is used for muscle tension. If you decide to use hops for the stated purposes, be careful and consult your doctor beforehand. Hops taken to a greater extent cause poisoning, which is manifested by vomiting, headache, slowed circulation, nausea.
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